October 2012, the renowned veteran worship leader was in this great city to minister and to lead the participants of the Ignite 2012 (a conference led by RevGbenga Kotila). This session witnessed about 6,000 attendees (according to Tribune Nigeria). 

Come 4 PM tomorrow Friday, September 1, 2017, Don Moen will be live again in Ibadan at the Liberty Stadium, Ibadan. This is the HolyGhost session at the ongoing HolyGhost Convention by the Sword of the Spirit Ministries.

Don Moen will be ministering alongside: Moji Alawiye, Chioma Jesus, Panam Percy Paul, Bishop Francis Wale Oke, Nathaniel Bassey, Tope Alabi, Bola Are, Yomi Ajayi and other anointed ministers.

Also on Saturday, September 2, the Church is organizing a close-up session with interested candidates who will like to meet and learn from this great leader. This comes with a fee of NGN5,000 and pre registration is required here – www.sotsm.org/donmoen .

It’s no more news that Don Moen for the past years has been visiting Nigeria at least every December for the EXPERIENCE Concert (by the House on The Rock), this we know usually come up every first Friday in every December.


So with this session coming up tomorrow, we can say, Ibadan is set to create its own gathering of people who would unplug from their activities and dedicate a time to shout out loud to God in praises.

See you at Liberty Stadium tomorrow 🙂


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