Super popular radio presenter, Edmund Obilo has returned to Splash FM Radio Station based in Ibadan. We gathered that he was prevailed upon to return after an ‘epochal’ management restructuring took place.

We also gathered that prominent sons of Ibadan  and perhaps Governor Abiola Ajimobi had to intervene before the ‘bones of contention’ between Obilo and the hitherto ‘management’ got sorted out.

We were reliably informed by insiders at the radio station, which is one of the most listened to in Nigeria, that most staff members could not hide their joy when the changes were effected by the proprietor, Chief Bayo Akande.

The station now has a new General Manager in Barrister (Mrs) Atinuke Adetunji, nee Akande (we were told she is Chief Akande’s first offspring). She is now in charge of Operations including marketing. The former Chief Operating Officer, Mrs Bisi Ashimolowo, also nee Akande, now strictly manages Finance and Accounts.

Said one of our reliable insider sources “Of course, Bisi is not happy with this development. It is like somebody governing a state now being asked to become a Local Government Chairman. But Chief Akande told her that he would not sit down and allow her to crash the brand of Splash FM. Baba still loves her but business must be protected”

We were told that the new Operations GM, Mrs Adetunji, in her maiden meeting with staffers promised to uphold welfarism and professionalism.

Obilo, from our findings was able to marshal his points and reach an agreement on ‘content’ ownership and remains a ‘contract staff’.

Signs that the hard working Obilo was back manifested at the 77th birthday of Chief Akande which held at the Trenchard Hall of the University of Ibadan on Friday, July 8, 2016. Edmund was the compere!

This got many of his fans glued to the radio the following day, a Saturday, July 9. Of course, they were not disappointed. Some minutes after 8 a.m., signature tune, then Obilo’s masculine voice came on air. He did not mince words. He plunged directly to address the issue.

We here paraphrase some of his introductory statements: “The programme is Voices on 105.5 FM. My name is Edmund Obilo. When Governor Ajimobi was here in the month of June to be part of this programme anchored then by my colleagues, his opening remark (he replayed the remark) was that it was disrespectful of his office that the Edmund that facilitated his appearance on Voices was nowhere to be found.

“Permit me to say here that Mr Governor, I do not have any reason to disrespect you or your office. I have respect for you. But I was not here due to circumstances beyond my control. I say here that I want the best for Oyo State, Nigeria and Africa. My absence that day was not to spite you. I am indeed humbled.

“Mr Governor has been magnanimous to open a channel of communication between Obilo, Splash FM and his government. There was a case involving a pupil of Bishop Phillips Academy in Ibadan, I intervened and took the case to the governor. He took action immediately.

“Governor Ajimobi gave me the opportunity to be close. Obilo will never disrespect the governor even if we disagree on issues. I respect the Governor because he respects my profession.

“There was a particular day I went to see the Governor in his office. After our discussion, he saw me to the door, from there, he accompanied me downstairs, to the main door, then to the main gate. At a point, I saw that his security aides were getting uncomfortable because of the crowd gathering. I whispered this into his ears but he was not moved. He escorted me to my car which was parked outside the premises of the governor’s office. This humbled me all the more.

“Mr Governor, thank you once again. Splash FM is ready to partner with you to take Oyo State to the greatest heights. I can never disrespect you. I appreciate you and wish you well as you carry out your duties of taking Oyo State to the land of promise.”







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