The denim material has been with us for a long time. It comes in different styles bearing series of names. It is a favourite material among the young and old as it gives this hippy feeling that puts you on the go. More still, it has the capacity to hold everyone no matter your size. When you ask some people why they like to adorn the denim popularly known as jeans, answers range from being rugged and long lasting to still being useful when it is torn as it can be used as ripped jeans what some call ‘crazy jeans’.

For many, while growing up, the denim used to be a favourite party attire for and it has evolved over the years. During the 70s and the 80s, jeans used to be skinny and tight fitting revealing the shape of who is wearing it.  The 90s saw a little difference and the denim material gives more space during this era to whoever wears it as it came up in designs that goes with the individual ‘s body and not so tight.

The 90s is also known to be the era of the ripped jeans. The early 2000s revealed the baggy jeans when youngsters like to put on hip clothes that are much bigger than their size. Today, the denim material has taken different designs by fashion designers and is still as relevant as ever. The denim will sure still be with us for years to come. So feel free, relaxes and rock that denim.


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