A downpour in Ibadan, on Sunday night till early Monday morning, has claimed the life of one Jimoh Oyedijo, as his body was found later on Monday morning, at Surulere Estate, New Felele area, Ibadan.

As of the time of filing this report, the corpses of two commercial motorcyclists believed to have also drowned were yet to be recovered according to investigations.

An eye witness told us that Oyedijo got drowned as a result of the flood when he got to the Maje Bridge.

The 65-year-old man was said to have visited his daughter, Dasola Oyedijo, around Maje, Soka area before the incident.

Dasola, who is the first born of the deceased recalled the last moments of her dad.

“He came to visit me and said he was leaving around 5:00p.m., but immediately he left, my neighbours noticed that the rain was heavy and I called my dad immediately to come back, but he said he had already got to Maje Bridge.

“I pleaded with him to return, to my place because of the complaints about the bridge anytime there was downpour and he said he was on his way back to my abode. So, I began to wait for him to return, but to no avail. I tried to call his mobile line again but it was not reachable until I got the information which brought me here only to find his body,” Dasola said.

She noted the bridge had claimed the lives of a number of residents in the community, just as she charged the Oyo State government to help them fix the road and bridge in order to put an end to such incidents which always occur during the rainy season.

Also, Mr Adams Olabode Azeez told us that he had to shelve the idea of crossing over the flooded bridge.

“I actually got stranded here too due to the downpour because cars could not pass through the flooded bridge again. I had to leave for safety because I did not want to risk crossing the bridge. A few minutes later, information got to me that a man and two ‘okada’ riders had drown.

“On Monday morning, yesterday 23rd May 2016, we received a telephone call that one of the drowned persons had been found around Surulere bridge and that was what brought me here to witness it. I think the deceased hit his head on the rock while struggling to escape being drowned. Blood is still coming out of his head as I am speaking with you.

“This is a terrible incident and government would have to help this community to overcome this avoidable death. The Maje Bridge must be expanded and fortified in no time because we are in the rainy season already.

“I have witnessed a number of cases in this area where car was taken away by flood with men and there were times I had personally rescued drowning persons alive. This incident has been happening here and we have tried our best to address the problem. After all, we pay tax to the government; we still tax ourselves to carry out projects for community development. We have constructed two to three kilometres road for this community as well as a culvert before Soka.

“Government should help us, the local government chairman here has tried because each time we called on him, he always responds promptly, but he does not have the wherewithal to assist. He will only come around to sympathise with victims which is not enough. We need a solid bridge here so that people can have peace, especially during the rainy season,” Azeez said.

Also speaking, Chairman, Oluyole Local Government, Mr Kolawole Orelope, who visited the scene, said the incident was a disaster, adding that something would soon be done to fix the bridge.

“This is not a state government project, but local government’s. I don’t usually promise, but very soon, this issue will be addressed to bring smiles to the people in the community,” he said.

The deceased has since been buried according to Islamic rites.

CULLED FROM: tribuneonlineng.com


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