A farm that belongs to the ex secretary of Oyo State; Mr Ayodele Adigun was stormed over Tuesday night/Wednesday morning which forced settlers around Lagun/Lagelu Local Government  in Ibadan to flee their residence. The incident occurred late in the night on Tuesday. Reports has it that each Fulani Herdsman carried modern guns, scaring and tormenting farmers off Mr Ayodele Adigun’s land.  According to eyewitnesses, the intruders were not only Fulani herdsmen as some of them reportedly spoke in pidgin English, Fulani and Yoruba.

According to Haruna Usman and Olanipekun Ogunkolade who are residents of Lagun area, they said that items carted away by the hoodlums and Fulani herdsmen include money, phones, shoes and even food stuff. In Ogunkolade’s words “when they arrived at 9pm yesterday night (Tuesday), they ransacked everywhere and shot Jimmy after dispossessing him of his weapons. They took garri from us, and drank it. One of us just prepared a fish soup and eba but the invaders ate everything.”

Recently controversy to find grazing reserves for Fulani herdsmen still on ground. Earlier in the day, they had mounted roadblocks at Lagun on Ibadan – Iwo Road. We learnt that they robbed the road users early in the morning and at night. We sighted over 50 Fulani herdsmen moving from one community to another in this place on the grounds that they wanted to buy Indian hemp.


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