Ibadan Poetry Foundation is pleased to announce that the first phase of its 2016 residency, the online mentorship stage, has now come to an end. The second phase is a physical residency in Ibadan (Oyo State) which will begin in late November.

The five selected poets are Lydia Ibinike Osinowo, Winifred Binogun, Akwu Sunday Victor, Minalisa Chiamaka and Stanley Princewill McDaniels. They will be involved in intensive writing, meeting other writers, and visiting historic sites within and outside the city. It is expected that they will use the period of their residency to compose more poems, improve on their creativity and publish their poetry.
The five participants for the physical residency in Ibadan were chosen by their mentors for demonstrating passion, commitment and a willingness to expand their potentials in poetry. One of the mentors, Unoma Azuah, commenting on Minalisa Chiamaka, noted that her imagination “fuses a huge amount of resourcefulness into her poetry. In situations where her poems are burdened by clichés, she always finds a way to lighten the weight with a distinctive voice. Her voice is poised; her poetry is full of promise.”

Stanley Princewill McDaniels, one of the mentees commenting on how the programme has impacted on his poetry, explains that it has helped him with accomplishing a “sincerity of language” in his writing. He stated, “I mean, it was a set goal at the start of the program and so far, I think I have been able to achieve that. I have been exposed to different writers, from the past and even now, who have confronted these issues by dressing them in garments of metaphors & channeling them to their poetry. I have learned. But learning is a forever process, so I’m still on the road. I look forward to discussing these issues, and more, with the poets I will meet in Ibadan. I look forward to discussing language: strengthening of one’s voice without bothering too much about its aesthetics.”

The 2016 IBPF Mentorship/Residency Programme was launched this year, and from about a hundred entries, a shortlist of 13 poets emerged for mentorship by five established poets over the course of six weeks. The programme which would be an annual event will offer emerging poets an opportunity to be mentored by established, award-winning poets with longer years of practice, as they move into the next stage of their artistic practice. The mentors of the 2016 IBPF include Tade Ipadeola, Uche Umez, Unoma Azuah, Jumoke Verissimo, and Remi Raji.


source: http://ibadanpoetryfoundation.com



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