What do you think of when you hear the Ibadan. the food? the people? the environment? Here, in no particular order, are seven things that started from or can be found in Ibadan that have become known all over the world.

The Nissan Micra Taxi drivers

Like them or think they are road hazards, the Micra taxi drivers are on to a viral trend that shows no sign of waning soon

Cocoa House

One of the tallest buildings in Africa at the time it was built, an iconic feature of a modern city

Rusted Roofs

Once upon a time J.P Clark wrote a poem… and “the rest” as they say “is history”


 Chief (Dr.) Sikiru Ayinde Barrister

the pioneer of a Genre of music that stands tall among the genres of music, the world over,  continue to rest in peace, LEGEND


University of Ibadan


First among the rest… need we say more?


Shooting Stars Sports Club

Lose or win… from generation to generation… the rallying cry remains the same. Up Sootin !!! Up Stars!!!


Amala With Gbegiri

“From All over the world they will come… to partake of this food meant for the gods”


What other iconic images of Ibadan resonates for you?  we would like to know,  so, kindly share with us in the comments. Also, do you have a funny Ibadan experience you wish to share in memes? share  it with us at editor@ibadaninsider.com


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