A 48-year-old landlord, Popoola Adepoju, on Tuesday has  hanged himself in Ibadan, leaving behind a three-page suicide note. The deceased was found dangling from a noose tied to a ceiling fan in his house at Idi-Ose along Akan road in Ona Ara Council Area of the city. Residents of the area said the father of three sent his children on  errands before taking his own life.

In her statement to the police, the wife of the dead man mentioned that her husband left the defunct National Electric Power Authority in Abeokuta two years ago but his entitlements were yet to be paid to him. She added that he had engaged himself in buying and selling cement on a small scale before his death.

His family initially refused to hand over the suicide note left by the dead man to the police,  and it took  the intervention of the general chairman of the Idi Ose community, Taiwo Alimi, before the family of Adepoju allowed the note to be taken to the Akanran Police Division. The deceased was interred in his house after the Divisional Police Officer at the station, Aliko Dankoli, gave the family permission to proceed with his burial arrangements.

A member of Four Square Gospel Church, where Adepoju worshiped with his family, said the deceased  attended the Monday morning service in the church and never showed any signs of depression. He said: “Adepoju was a devout Christian, pious and active in church. He always participated actively in and contributed useful suggestions to the meetings of the Welfare Committee of the zone. it is difficult to determine what led to this action he decided to take.”

“We were together at the early morning service at our church on Monday. We usually have such service on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of every month. When I saw him last on Monday after the evening service, there was nothing in his actions that suggested that he was going to take his own life.”

A landlord in the area, who spoke on condition of anonymity, however mentioned that the deceased might have been going through a difficult period. “Adepoju had wanted to sell his Honda car for N250,000 to sell the car so that he could buy a small vehicle to use as a cab to serve as a means of livelihood for his family. However He only got a buyer who was ready to pay N150,000. Perhaps the fact   that the amount being offered for the car was insufficient for his needs could have contributed to his sadness.”

“He sometimes complained that things were no longer as they were before he was disengaged from work, but  It is still a surprise  that this unfortunate incident  happened” The anonymous source concluded.






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