This week’s edition of ‘ The House radio show’ on Petals FM 102.3 Ibadan was a blend of information and entertainment. The Wednesday show kicked off at exactly 11am with a tune from Flavour and right after came the voice of the host; Andrea who welcome listeners ,she announced the absence of Itunu and Saheedah who usually host the show with her. She then had a brief chit-chat about fuel situation in country with co-host Lynda and two of their guests.

Moving to the topic of the week which is DEALING WITH MOTHER IN-LAW; a topic illustrated with the scenario of a wife slapped by her Mother in-law in the presence of her husband. Of course,this generated much heat as hosts of the show gave different opinion to the issue as well as listeners calling and tweeting to contribute to the topic.

According to the radio show, a cordial relationship should be established between in-laws and wives to avoid such drama. Also the husband should keep balance between his wife and mother to avoid such dramatic issues.

Now putting the scenario into reality, what will you do if your mother in-law slap you over a petty argument in front of your husband and children?! As a husband, what’s your instant reaction to such case?! Is it even ideal to have in-laws living with couples?!

The conversation continues, kindly share your view and advice by dropping comments below or tweet at @TheHouseOnRadio @IbadanInsider


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