Former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, on Thursday 16th of June 2016, paid a private visit to the family of late Gabriel Akin-Deko at their Bodija residence, Ibadan. Obasanjo, who declined to be asked any question did not inform the journalists who were present during the visit, the purpose of his visit, but speaking on behalf of the family, the son of late Gabriel Akin-Deko, Akintayo Akin-Deko, said the visit was one of Obasanjo’s rare visits to the family since the demise of its patriarch in 1987.

“Baba Obasanjo and my late father were very good friends but at distance. Baba Obasanjo was President, while my father was a local community leader. But ever since that unfortunate accident about 13 years ago, when two of my daughters died, Baba Obasanjo has never been far from the family and our mother, Mrs Ebun Akin-Deko, because he realises the strength of the loss for such a woman.

“So that was just one of those rare occasions that he had the opportunity to come and see Mama physically while she is still alive and mentally alert, so we thank God for that.” He said.

Gabriel Akinola Akin-Deko, who died on November 5, 1987, was a building contractor and former regional Minister for Agriculture in the Western region of Nigeria, he was also a personal friend of Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

As minister, he was involved in the promotion of an agriculture settlement scheme that would employ and pay an initial amount of capital to new graduates from an established agriculture training college.





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