Former Deputy Governor of Osun State, Iyiola Omisore has denied killing former  Attorney-General of the Federation, Chief James Ajibola Ige. Omisore said that he couldn’t have killed Ige because he was in Ife at the time of the murder which occurred in the former Governor of Oyo State’s  Bodija, Ibadan, home on the 23rd of December, 2001.

In the words of the former Senator:

“When I was framed up that I killed Bola Ige, I thought it was a joke. How can somebody be in Ife and kill somebody in Ibadan? It was later they confessed that it was for politics,”

That was why I sued Oyo state government for N2 billion over malicious prosecution. I am(still in court. They (The Oyo State Government) are dodging and begging me now. The judgment was very clear that we had no business in court at all,”

Meanwhile The son of slain Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice,  Chief Bola Ige has said that the family would re-open their father’s murder case under the administration of President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari.

Muyiwa Ige made the statement during a recent meeting with journalists, expressed optimism that his father’s murderers would eventually be found after several years of dead ends and several attempts by the powers that be to kill the case.

According to Ige:

“We know the killers, they are still out there walking, but sooner or later the killers will be found. Once we have a concerned government in power, we will fish out the killers. I thank God that on May 29 a concerned government will take over,”

“When we have the government that believes in the rule of law, we are going to push for the case to be reopened. Right now, the prime suspects have no power base. We are going to reopen the case and, hopefully, justice will prevail,” 


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