A pressure group, Change Agent Movement (CAM), has said that its earlier stand that Governor Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo State has no dividends of democracy to deliver to the people has been vindicated.

The group, in a statement signed by its chairman and secretary, Messrs Abolaji Adeosun and Malik Adehun, said that recent happenings in the state ranging from molestation of workers, workers’ strike, nonpayment of salaries and pensions among others have showed that the mandate the Oyo State people gave to Ajimobi was a great mistake.

According to the group, “we raised alarm sometime last year about Ajimobi’s carefree attitude to governance as well as his double speaking towards his policies. We told everyone to prepare for the worst under Ajimobi’s administration. We realized earlier enough that Ajimobi has no plan to leave an enduring legacy for the people of Oyo State.

The pressure group explained that the government which people believed would build on the achievements of the first term has greatly disappointed them and they were regretting putting their trust in the man who has turned himself to emperor.

It added that while other state governors were busy sourcing for funds to alleviate the sufferings of their workers and citizens, governor Ajimobi was busy junketing around the globe without any explanation for his absence.

“Last year, we raised alarm about the frequency of Governor Ajimobi’s travelings.  He has made it a ritual to travel out of the state no matter what is happening on monthly basis.  While workers are groaning over non payment of six months salaries by Oyo State government, governor Ajimobi has left the shores of the country twice in the last 30days.

“Presently, Governor Ajimobi is not in the country and he didn’t handover officially to the deputy governor as no letter was read on the floor of the house nor a news report to comment about the governor’s absence.

“In the past, he used searching for investors as an excuse to leave the country. Ever since he started junketing, investors have only been seen on the pages of newspapers. Up till this moment, the Canadian, Australian and many other investors the governor claimed were ready to partner with the state were only in the imagination of Mr Ajimobi.

“We urge the people to be alert and not fall prey to the PPP arrangement the governor said he wanted for some public schools. We will like to remind the general public that the 4point Sheraton hotel that the governor inaugurated in 2013 never saw the light of the day despite the millions of naira expended as counterpart funds by the government. We invite people to check the site behind Premier Hotel and see for themselves that nothing happens there.

“We want to also remind the good citizens of Oyo State about the Technical University. The governor claimed to have signed agreement with Texas University, United States and later came up with the story that the Americans were afraid of Boko Haram and thereby the project had to be suspended. We want the public to note that this happened after millions of naira had been spent on the project.

“We urge the people not to despair but rather remain steadfast and ask for account of stewardship. We plead with them to offer information to the relevant agencies or group that can serve as checks on the activities of government.

“We appeal to Governor Ajimobi to follow the footsteps of Mr President by always handing over the mantle of leadership to the deputy governor because the exalted seat isn’t a chieftain title,” the group pointed out.





CULLED FROM: nigerianobservernews.com


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