It was like scenes from a Nollywood  war movie in Ibadan on Friday the 12th of August 2016, as students of St Luke’s Grammar School Molete clashed with students of Ibadan Grammar school. The fight took place after both schools closed for the week.

The secondary school students were seen brandishing deadly weapons like stones and cutlasses as they engaged in a free for all. However since the fight started and till the present moment, nobody can say what exactly led to the disgraceful behaviour.

The unfortunate event has generated reactions from social media users within and outside Ibadan  who described the fight as an evidence of the decay in the country’s secondary school system and in the educational system  as a whole.

A Social media user said: “Public schools? Most of them are just thugs, you see them roaming about the streets early in the morning when their mates in private school are in class…. I don’t blame them,  it is because they do not pay any fees and the government is also not helping matters,” a social media user commented.

Other people on  social media  blamed the location of the two schools and the parents of the young hooligans for the disgraceful act.

“The schools are located in the Ibadan slums.  I am not surprised . The boys only schools in Ibadan have a large number of touts,” a commentator said.


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