What Your Sleeping Position Say About You!

Hi Guys,

Here are some sleeping positions you might want to check and the personality predictions for each of them.

The Fetal Position

Sleeping Postures
Fetal Posture

The fetal position is one of the most common sleeping postures among people; this is when you sleep on your side with your legs curled up. Seems like an uncomfortable position to some, but it happens to be a fairly comfortable sleep style to other people also.

  • Fetal Sleepers are described by Psychologist to be tough on the inside, shy and also very sensitive, although opens up easily when they find trust.

The Log Position

Sleeping Position

This is when you lie on your sides but with your legs extended straight and arms by your sides.

  • Log sleepers are described to be very sociable people, also called social butterflies; who love to engage with all kinds of individuals. They are very trusting, which can sometimes leave them very gullible.

 The Yearner Position

Sleeping Position
Yearner Sleeping Position

This sleeping position describes you sleeping on your side with your arms stretched out in front of you. This is, however, a common sleeping style for many.

  • Yearner sleepers are described to be open with people, but a little suspicious and slow when it comes to decision making but once their mind is made up, they stick to it.

 The Soldier Position


Just as the name, this is when you sleep on your back with your arms straight down at your side; although not as common as the other sleeping positions.

  • Soldier Sleepers are described as people who take things seriously, very organized and have high standards.

 The Freefaller Position

Sleeping Position
Soldier Sleeping Position

This is when you sleep resting on your stomach, with your head turned to both side and hands near your pillow.

  • Freefaller sleeps are described to be very sociable, show free spirit and secretly nervous on the inside. They are also said to be oversensitive to criticism

 The Starfish

StarFish Sleeping Position

This is when you sleep lying on your backs with your legs stretched out and your arms stretched up by your head. Starfish sleeping position is also called Spread Eagle

  • Starfish Sleepers are described to be loyal friends; they make friends a huge priority in their lives. Always wanting to hear other people’s problem and going out of their ways to help.

The Soldier-Starfish Position

Sleeping Position
Starfish Sleeping Position

This is similar to Soldier and Starfish sleeping positions but it differs in that, Soldier-Starfish sleepers sleep on their backs but don’t keep the rigidity of Soldier nor sprawling of Starfish.

  • Soldier Starfish sleepers are characterized by an attitude of flexibility and a go-with-the-flow nature. They tend to be easily persuaded by others

The Pillow Hugging Position

Sleeping Position
Pillow Hugging Position

This actually not a sleeping position since sleepers in any of the mentioned positions can either hug the pillow or not.

  • Pillow Huggers as expected; place importance on the bonds in their lives, friendships, family and relationships. They are mostly people-pleasers and also love to get snug and cuddled in bed. People who are pillow huggers love to get snug and cuddled in bed.

The Snorer

Sleeping Position

Last but not least, this position again is not a sleep position, but whether you snore or not can reveal something about you.

  • Researchers have found that people who snore are more likely to have extreme emotions, which manifest in hyperactivity, aggression, or depression. Snorers are known for their passion and their ability to live each moment to its fullest.



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