One of the things I admire about this city – Ibadan– is the percentage of women that drive. This is unusual for a developing city where the reverse is expected. I find this to be fascinating but also impressive. There is a significant female driving population in the city and that trend does not show signs of decline anytime soon. However, I am not putting fingers to keyboard to write about my fascination with the growing female driver population in Ibadan neither am I writing to make projections about it. Nahhhh! Not today. My fascination this time has a slightly different twist. It has to do with the hotness of female drivers, specifically those in Ibadan.

Now you may feel like, ‘what is wrong with this girl?’

I still love my men TDH (tall, dark and handsome). However, I cannot help but trip when I see a pretty female cruising in her ride. There is just this glamour to it that is hard to explain.

Millions of Nigerian women have cruised the roads in numerous car brands since the pioneer Nigerian woman driver, Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti, boldly paved the way decades ago. Today, it is taken for granted. Women now drive as much as they want not knowing that there was a time when it was a very big deal.

There are different conceptions about women drivers. Some say they are slow, some say they are impatient, some call them glorified learners with “oversabi” attitudes, some say they can be dangerous and so on. Maybe all these are true. Maybe they are all right because that just buttresses the variance in personality types which is expressed in everyday activity. Just like women exhibit these phenomena on the road, men do the same. There are slow male drivers, impatient ones, very dangerous et cetera.

I have heard that the average Nigerian guy finds a lady who drives two to three times (depending on the guy) hotter than one who doesn’t. In other words, guys perceive a lady who owns a car to be more attractive than one that does not. This is not scientifically backed– at least not that I am aware of. It is just the result of random questioning of guys about the matter. For most guys, they can’t explain why they feel more attracted to a driving lady, they just know they do. When asked, responses range from “they look sexy” to “they look glamorous” to “I don’t know, I just like them.”

There are many ways to look at it. However, I have two hypotheses of my own as to why men feel attracted to women that drive.

First is an evolutionary or biological hypothesis. It has been proven that sexually, men react more to what they see while for women, it is more about what they hear and feel. A driving woman is forced to sit upright making her back erect and her bosom seemingly more pronounced. In other words, without knowing it or meaning to, her driving posture advertises her upper features – pointing boobs, erect neck, flattened stomach, wide open attentive eyes. Most men are undiscerning of this but I think it could be an explanation for their attraction. Anyway, what do I know about human physiology or psychology? I am only an engineer. Maybe our social researchers can rescue us with some facts on this.

A second hypothesis is from an economic angle. A guy sees a girl driving and automatically believes she has some money or has someone giving her money. She can take care of herself. It says she is independent. The average 21st-century man is attracted to an independent woman. One who can take care of herself and not relinquish all her financial responsibilities to her man. This again is just me thinking.

Now, back to the topic. Does driving make a woman hotter? My answer is no. However, if the question were to be rephrased as does driving make a woman “look” hotter? Then, I will be inclined to go in the affirmative. I believe it does.

What do you think about my hypothesis? Do you agree? Do you have a theory of your own? Do you think there is a correlation between female sexiness and driving? Let me know. Feel free to share in the comments area below.



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